What can I say? I like the whole line.

I previously posted a review of Garnier’s Blackhead Eliminating Scrub with charcoal and I am still a big fan. However, I have expanded a little and integrated a couple other products from the line into my regimen. I will tell you why…

Though it is a light scrub, it does not work for every day. I attempt to go with how my skin is at the time and adapt accordingly, and in doing so, my skin might need something a little gentler. This is where Shine Control Cleansing Gel comes in. It is just as refreshing, and the charcoal is what I think is a crucial ingredient in the mix. Don’t ignore what your skin is trying to tell you though. Even gentle cleansers need follow up, and one has to be mindful of scrubs (and potential long term effects),

As far as makeup wipes or solutions, I have been searching for the perfect answer for some time…I mean a really long time. Most wipes on the market are abrasive, dry, and require too much tearing of the skin (even with a method) to remove makeup that is not even waterproof. Many liquids have parabens, are too oily, get in my eyes, are pricey, or don’t adequately remove all my makeup. So far, the Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes with charcoal are my best bet for a wipe, and are relatively soft and still moist. So far so good.

*I am still hoping for a dual-wipe product from a beauty company though. One compartment for facial needs, and one for eyes. Definitely a modern day need that should come at a reasonable price.

-Erica O.


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