Calling all domestic goddesses

Calling all domestic goddesses…I need your help.

How many of you have done your nails and hoped your top coat would make it through cleaning your house? Especially, the dishes.

Over the past couple years, I have had to really pull back on doing my nails every week because domestic tasks are calling 🙂 After some thought I decided to try Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat and hoped it would prove useful. Maybe you have heard of it; maybe not. Either way, here is what I found (each try is different):

First Try- Failure. It didn’t go on as smoothly as I would hope, and the drying experience was not quick. Also, I had bubbles that wouldn’t smooth out. I have not experienced this with a top coat and decided to put it in the fridge with the rest of my polish.

…Regardless, the top coat only did its duty a couple days. And yes, I am sure the oil has been removed from my hands pre-polish.

Second Attempt- Somewhat better, but my objective was still not met. This time, I utilized the product as a base coat, and it created a. significantly smoother, quicker experience. Also, I can’t necessarily attribute any changes to a colder environment, but the bubbles dissipated.

As far as the polish goes, I considered that the previous bottle I used might be a bit too old and dry, and opted to use a newer one, but of the same brand.

…Regardless, the polish stayed on one to two days before chipping, and it didn’t hold up against the dishes. On the upside, there was a notable shine and strength to my nails.

Third Times a Charm (I hope)- I want to give this product a real shot since (from what I saw) it is highly regarded, and the company makes BOLD claims as it its effectiveness on their packaging.

Today, I will try it one more time before moving on to the next. I will use it as base and top coat again, but substitute for a line of polish that I see as a higher quality product (based on experience). I will let you know if it passes the dish test!

*Side Note: In the past I have had more success with European Secrets Hoofers Choice. It lasted about a week (which is pretty good), but this was pre-marriage/less dishes.

What I want to know from you is, where have you found success with this problem. Which product do you use? Do you have some trick I am missing? Also, do you get your nails done by a pro every week, or do you enjoy doing them at home? Thanks!

-Erica O.



  1. 50shadesofjadebeauty · January 5, 2016

    I love Seche vite it’s one topcoat that never fails me, I have my nails done professionally and do them myself ( I’m a nail tech) and I find myself coming home from the nail salon and applying this topcoat on top of theirs simply because the shine is amazing and lasts me about a week and a half, I must admit I religiously wear gloves to clean and do dishes so I don’t get that much chipping. I would maybe recommend leaving the nail polish to dry for 10-15 mins before applying topcoat for a more flawless finish and try not To apply too much as this can cause air bubbles to become trapped in the layers but also not too little that it drags if this makes sense lol I hope this helps 🙂


    • eogle00 · January 7, 2016


      Thanks for the input and tips! I still don’t know if I am one for wearing gloves, but it just might be the best way to do it. Also, I agree Seche Vite does have great shine, and my nails feel stronger as well. I can say I haven’t broken a nail while wearing it 🙂

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