I am a woman with many interests…

I am a senior finance major with a side project of Erica O. Jewelry and a penchant for writing. I recently left my job in eCommerce and am excited to pursue other opportunities.

Prior to, I trained in classical ballet and other styles of dance for over a decade, and intermittently worked as a Pilates instructor and a dance instructor. I have held positions in many different industries over the years (I have even done manual labor with a seeding cleaning business :), and they have taught me how to add value through creativity. I am also hold a regional volunteer position with a soldiers/veterans organization.

I currently live in the greater Portland area (with my husband, two dogs, and bearded dragon), and have had the opportunity to live in other wonderful places such as New York City and Santa Barbara.

As far as BB+FF goes, the areas of Beauty, Brains, Finance, and Fitness are all important to me, and are inherently a part of every woman’s life in some capacity or another. I am always looking for ways to improve and find solutions, and ultimately I am here to share what I have found with you 🙂 Hope you find something that interests you!

– Erica O.

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