You wanna talk about health?

I have some things for you to peruse or consider. Take what you will from them, or not. Up to you. These are all centered around a natural approach.

…But, please note I am not a doctor or medical professional. What you decide upon is, as always, at your own discretion.


Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC

This book catches a lot of flack for being outdated. It is a range of guidelines people, not laws of the land. One should always do further research and speak with their doctor or other health professionals when need be. I will say, I have found some advantageous supplements from this book, and it serves as an initial reference point. I wouldn’t necessarily follow any guideline just because one book said so.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Overall, maintaining health requires an all-encompassing approach (physical, mental, spiritual). There is not a one size fits all regime. People have different issues/disorders/illnesses, different beliefs, different genetics, and different environmental factors to be considered. One can always keep learning in terms of health, and must realize that there aren’t really any guarantees. How you approach your health should be up to you, but you should become informed about what is out there, and keep learning. I have seen success in helping long term issues through various approaches (not just a medical or supplemental focus). I have also tried many things that didn’t work for me, but were helpful to others.

This book covers a wide range of conditions, rather than one or a few. It offers symptoms, options, what to avoid, other approaches, etc. So, if you are looking to immerse yourself fully in one condition (as I have seen reviews disappointed with), this book is compiled differently.

And as far as supplements go, I go for Standard Process when I can (the prices can get to be a lot though). I have found the most success here in managing the conditions I have, but I also purchase NOW Supplements (which are often a bit cheaper) for more generalized concerns.

-Erica O.


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