Yeah, I can tell you about facial piercings

Love jewelry. Love piercings. What can I say, they are a bit addictive. True, they are not for everyone, but if you want one (or some) go for it, if your life suits it.

I just took my piercings out this year, but it wasn’t easy. As much as I felt it was time, I still loved them. Yes, people sometimes would ask, “What is that on your face?” or friends would tell me “You look better without them.” Honestly, I really didn’t care. They looked tasteful, the jewelry highlighted in a similar way to other jewelry, and they a part of who I am now. Plus, a part of me laughs inside when I would show up dressed to the nines, and I have piercings. Some people just don’t know what to make of you. It blows their mind in terms of preconceived notions :/ Contrary to this societal impression, I have also had many positive conversations with others about piercings.

*Must note here, this post is to reflect some things I encountered. Others might have had similar experiences, or they might have had different. Every time I have discussed piercings with other people, no one has ever said they regretted getting one, so just keep that in mind 🙂

Let’s see…I have had six ear piercings for many years, a lip for five, nose for five, tongue for 10, and dermal above my cheek for 5. What can I tell you about them? Take care of them, especially during the healing process. No one wants infection, rejection, etc. right after they were pierced. And you don’t want complications after the fact either.

Things to keep in mind:

1. The piercing process is quick.
2. Your tongue swells up on the day, then it’s fine.
3. I looked like I had a black eye for a week after the dermal. Then no problems for five years.
4. The body tends to reject foreign objects. Just be careful about them suffering any trauma (even pulling by clothing).
5. You can’t just take a dermal out on a whim.
6. My tongue had my gums receding behind my front tooth a bit.
7. Removing the nose and lip wasn’t easy for quite awhile. I could never find the hole :/ When I took it in/out more often, problem solved.
8. There is some taking in and out…job interviews, MRIs, care (depending on which one), etc.
9. There is variation, as there is with other jewelry (e.g. gems, color, size, length, etc.). This part is fun! Think accessories.
10. At times, your nose ring catches in the middle of the night. Bit of a wake up call I guess.
11. They pierce your tongue in front of the web underneath your tongue to prevent paralysis. So no, you don’t get to choose wear it goes.
12. Make sure they adhere to proper procedures and cleanliness practices. Quality piercer please 🙂
13. Have fun with them. Reflect your taste. I have zero regrets 🙂

-Erica O.


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