Battling Skin Concerns

It is a new year, and I am going to tell you how I have done it.

Skin. Skin is so important, and mine changed on me a few years ago. I went from having minimal acne, wearing fuller coverage makeup (I was a dancer after all. Stage makeup is important), and never having been to a dermatologist.

Now, I get cystic acne easily (as well as other types), have difficulty wearing ANY makeup, and have tried everything under the sun. Derm approach with injections, water pills, prescription gel, and laser treatments to help with scarring. Also, I tried a range of products, both before and after targeting what types of acne I am prone to.

I started doing more research though, took skin into my own hands, and started planning not only for present concerns, but how they would fit in with my future. I hope I can be your guinea pig with this one, and save you some money and heartache (cystic acne can be so embarassing when someone comments on it!).

With the use of seven products, my skin is much improved and often clear. Also, I am working on the scarring (what of it can be diminished), I can wear makeup everyday, and of course, I am thinking about future aging. Here we go (this worked!)…

1. Daily Cleanser- Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub (which I did a review on earlier this year)…Feels great on the skin, and is a quick, easy to use product at an affordable cost. I think the charcoal is the winner here, rather than the salicylic acid.

2. Day Moisturizer (also helps with scarring)– Mizon All in One Snail Repair Formula…So glad I got this. It does not cause me to breakout, and does its job of moisturizing skin. Also, it is my go-to if I choose to do an at home peel (peels aren’t for everyone though).

3. Foundation- Liquimat Acne Treatment Cover-Up Lotion...Maybe you haven’t heard of this, but this is the product that has come to work for me because of the sulfur in it (remember, cystic acne). It is a pinkish product, but you add color to it yourself (and I finish with a powder).

4. Powder- Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder…Covers the Liquimat well, and helps adhere to my color.

5. Makeup Remover- Bioderma Sebium Micellar Water (which I reviewed this year. Check it out :)…taken off with Bamboosa Baby Cloths. I became highly concerned about how harsh removers could be after a trip to Vegas. That is when I said no to expensive wipes. Before that, no to products with parabens, and before that, no to oily products. Also, if you prefer something washable that feels softer than cotton, these might be for you. Also, I appear to be using less micellar water to remove everything.

*Follow with cleanser after makeup removal if acne is a concern (I do).

6. Night Moisturizer (or day when you need more blemish reducing power)- Bioelements Oil Control Sleepwear…Oh, this product works. The retinol not only assists with aging concerns, but I have seen its effects on acne. Would recommend this product in a heartbeat.

7. Spot Treatment- Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion…This works as well (due to the sulfur). But, it is pink. I mean pink. It is possible to cover it up during the day, here and there, but I primarily use this for nighttime.

What else have I come to find out? Benzoyl peroxide is useless on my skin, and salicylic acid only works well in higher percentages (I do 30% peels once in awhile and remove retinol product from my regimen), but NOT for cystic acne. Infinite Skin’s 15% Salicylic Acid Cleanser is a notable daily product. It feels as though it is cooling (probably the tea tree), but ultimately, I see greater effects ftom Garnier’s product and want to keep retinol in my regimen.

Oh, and sunscreen. So far, this one works the best. Live Live Sunscreen with MSM (sulfur). I bought the one with sweet orange essential oil, and it smells subtle, but great. This is also a natural product with other ingredients that aid in skin hydration and repair. It contains 6% zinc oxide, which I would recommend as the go-to ingredient for sun care, and 6% titanium dioxide. Derm recommended zinc oxide all the way, and he described it as reflecting the sun’s rays. I used it after laser treatments years ago and have never looked back.

And what about cost? I think I bought every one, or almost everyone of these products on Amazon. They range ($6-$40), but hey they work, and now that I have a regimen that works, I end up spending significantly less on skincare. You want to ensure you are purchasing a legit product first, but price is also important.

If you would like me to explain anything further, or would like me to post a review focusing one of these products, let me know 🙂 Also, questions are welcomed!…sweet orange verus bitter orange, salicylic and retinol, hormones and cystic, etc.

-Erica O.


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