Journey into cutting my own hair…

I started dyeing my own hair a few years ago, and so far so good. While, I think a good, professional dye job goes a long way and is something you can’t beat, I needed it to be a bit more economical.

This year, I started cutting my own hair as well. Boy, was I nervous :/ I must note though, I opt to cut my own hair because it is hard to fathom having your hair cut by someone other than the hairdresser you’ve had your whole life. It is an experience, and the times I have ventured out, the experience wasn’t the same…I am always telling my husband, you will never understand what a trip to the salon can do for a woman. Oh, and the hair washing, it feels fantastic!

But with dyeing and keeping long hair, I needed another way to keep it healthy (outside of regular care). So, why not try cutting it myself. I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised.

I bought a pair of shears at Ulta, wet my hair, and voila. Right? Not exactly. I know my limitations, and I know I am not a professional. But for in between visits to the salon, it has worked out well for me. Not everyone is the same though. Some may do this on a regular basis, so may go for dramatically different cuts each time, or others don’t want anyone touching their hair that isn’t skilled in this area.

I haven’t attempted anything too fancy. Just a straight cut, and a little tapering in the front. Given, I have naturally big, curly hair, but I have always had my hair cut wet, and this has yielded positive results. And, no I do not look like a poodle. With the length, thickness, and care of my hair it weighs it down quite a bit.

So what did I keep in mind in attempting a cut?

1. Fine tooth comb
2. Aim to cut even
3. Cut in sections
4. Know that wet hair shrinks
5. Use shears designed for hair cutting
6. Use a mirror
7. Put a towel in the sink for easy clean up
8. Know that it won’t be perfect
9. Be satisfied with the result no matter the outcome
10. Still visit the hairdresser; this isn’t a permanent solution.

Overall, I am not suggesting one way or the other in deciding to cut your own hair. To each his/her own 🙂 Only wanted to share my experience.

-Erica O.


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