Dollar Shave Club- Review (and competitor tidbits)

Some time ago I wrote a blog comparing pricing and outlining product lines when it comes to more affordable shaving options.

Well, while this is long overdue, but I finally tried one!…And it was worth it!

My husband is a long time Dollar Shave Club customer (not near as long as I have overspent on Venus though), and I thought why not. I have been throwing around the idea of utilizing one of these services for at least a year, and have never got around to picking one. Also, I am tired of driving to the store to pay around $15 for blades.

Back to the club, I used the 4x blades, which are their mid-tier and run about $6/month with free shipping. Much cheaper and much more convenient 🙂 And what about the experience? It was quick, seamless, and easily the best shaving experience of my life. I am converted.

As far as Dollar Shave Club (DSC) goes as an entity, they are currently being sued by Gillette. Gillette maintains that DSC has infringed upon their intellectual property and have violated a patent agreement due to a suggested relationship with Dorco razors.

*I think Gillette is just upset they are losing a piece of the market to smaller competitors who are disrupting the industry (remember that Gillette is a subsidiary of larger conglomerate, Proctor & Gamble).

Personally, it doesn’t matter whether their intellectual property has been utilized by others (ethical considerations aside). Why? This is not the issue it boils down to for me. Regardless of this legality, I am more concerned that this lends to the idea that Gillette could potentially offer the same products at a much lower cost (and still turn a profit), but choose not to. I will break it down three ways.

  • If no one is using P&G property…DSC is the better deal
  • If they are selling the same blades, it is proof P&G grossly overcharges or their operations aren’t as lean as DSC
  • If they utilize some aspect of the blades and P&G says theirs are better…It doesn’t matter because DSC’s product works well and is still cheaper

Gillette has even created their own shave club to compete, but the prices are still higher. Yes, it varies between retailers, but they are all still up there in the $12-18 range per month. Compared to $6, that is an additional $72-$144 a year, depending on the retailer. Plus, one might still incur shipping costs. And yes, there are potential rewards, but you will have to decide for yourself whether those are worth the additional cost.

Overall, I would recommend Dollar Shave Club. I am tired of the markup on”must have” products. Ultimately, it is up to you though. If you do choose to switch, you can use my link below (Saves me a few bucks. You will get a link too).

-Erica O.



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