Makeup Routine Changes- Colored Mascara

Let me start off by saying, I love doing my makeup, and it is truly fun to do. Kind of as though a person is painting on a blank canvas, and one could add whatever creative elements they desire.

With that being said, I have also aimed to keep it similar for the past 10 years. I know what looks best on me, I know which tones accent my skin, hair, and eyes the best, so why mess with it too much? Wrong. It can be good to change it up once in awhile.

But where does one begin, and where should I begin? I would suggest staying positive and making small changes (especially on a budget). I mean, maybe it will be similar to the profound change that comes with a good cut or dye job. Right?

One particular aspect I jumped into is different colored mascara. I debated whether I would like it or not, and if it would be worth it to spring for Benefit They’re Real (which works beautifully and is currently available in three shades).

Instead I opted for Physicians Formula (PF) to save a little money, see what I thought, and give it a real go. I tried blue, green, gold, and brown colored mascaras and overall, am pleased 🙂 They all show a good amount of color, even when using black as a base coat (I am all about creating that length).

Now, PF markets their colored mascaras (as well some eye liners and shadows) to go with certain eye colors, and really draw out that eye color. I decided to ignore this though, and give them all a whirl. This was essentially the only way I could try them out in many different ways.

Results: Overall, I would recommend the PF mascaras, and in whichever colors suit your fancy. A couple of notes though. The gold will stand out, but will lighten dark lashes. And it won’t be sparkly or shimmery in the way some other brands are. Also, the brown ends up being more of a gray, or not as warm of a color as I had envisioned. And lastly, PF has developed a double product here. Black on one end, and color on the other. So, theoretically one can wear only black, only color, or both black and color.

Recommendation: Now, will I continue to use these. Definitely. They created visible color and enhanced my eyes. Also, they added adequate length and didn’t create a clumpy look.

…But when it comes down to it, will I switch away from They’re Real. No way. And why? Because the best advice I can give to a beauty aficionado is, “Once you have found a product that does it the best for YOU, keep with it.” You don’t know how long the product will stay on the market (they discontinue something great), and you don’t know how long it will be till something better comes along. Do your research, try what you need to, and stick with what works 🙂

And in terms of mascara, when it comes to Benefit’s They’re Real, you just can’t beat that length.

-Erica O.


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