Fed Hike

I will make this short and sweet since much remains to be seen…

With the Fed decision looming this week, it was no surprise to see strong gains in the market. Now that the decision has been made, and they have announced a rise in interest rates, this leaves many people wondering what this means, or what will occur.

While many predictions have been made, I ¬†am not as confident in terms of the state of the economy as some others are. I can’t say for sure, but my gut is saying, instability. That, and unemployment rates are deeply skewed, international tensions are high, and some foreign economies are demonstrating a level of uncertainty in their own right.

Personally, I am hoping for fewer increases this next year. I have my own feelings concerning inflation. I mean, there are potential upsides and downsides either way, but I am not a huge advocate of it.

In the end, one can’t deny that many things will be changing. Leadership for starters, but I think a new year often signifies major change for most people be it personal, political, or just the appeal of a new beginning.

-Erica O.



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