Kripalu Yoga- My Journey

Kripalu Yoga

…is such a dream. After spending many years training in ballet, other styles of dance, and being active in sports I have a strong desire to do everything correctly and at a high level. Even when I was a Bikram Yoga goer (still love though), or I worked as a Pilates instructor there was still a faint level of competitiveness or awareness. Even in Bikram when I knew I had an injury acting up, and I couldn’t do certain movements full out, it pained me to modify or lie down during the movement. And in dance, the mentality was to keep pushing yourself to reach new heights. While I thoroughly enjoy all these types of movement and see benefits from them, both spiritual and physical, I found something different when I found Kripalu Yoga.

Being told to “explore” the body or “invite sensations” develops a freedom and connection with your body’s needs. I don’t feel the need to do everything perfectly; I feel the need to connect with myself and follow it where it needs to go. Also, this connectedness creates a heightened awareness of changes within the body, and where heat, energy, and a lightness are present.

Having problems with the left side of my body, after Kripalu I can pinpoint the exact areas that need work, or want more attention. I know that if I tend to these areas and focus on them more, more freedom of movement can be achieved. In other words, it brings areas or ideas to the forefront that might have been under the surface, or muddled by other thoughts. Clarity!

We all have differing health, wellness, and fitness goals, and one searches for what works best for him or her in achieving them. If Kripalu is something that interests you, and could be supplemental to your current routine, I would definitely recommend you try it 🙂 The peace of mind alone will carry over into your life with practice.

Namaste 🙂

-Erica O.


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