Bioderma Micellar Solution

I am still on the fence about whether micellar solution is the answer to make-up removal, but this product by far exceeds any other make-up removal product I have used.

Let’s review…oil products get in my eyes, cleansing wipes are harsh on my skin (eyes, maybe 🙂 ), my skin is prone to breakouts, and many of the products on the market contain parabens.

It is simple, right?…I want a moisture-retaining, non-comedogenic product. Oh, and I want it to be super fast 🙂

Micellar water seems to fit the bill. It can be used as a cleansing product, and doesn’t require rinsing (definite time saver). Also, it doesn’t dry out my skin. It could essentially simplify one’s whole routine.

On the other hand, my skin doesn’t love it and sometimes reflects this in the morning (even using the sebium product). As a result, I still feel the need to cleanse my skin at times, after using it.

Overall, great product that solves many issues and addresses the needs I have. Is it perfect for my skin type? Maybe not, but it supersedes previously used products by far. I would recommend trying it, and if your skin isn’t as temperamental as mine, definitely go for it.

-Erica O. 


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