Serenity Spa- Tacoma (Greater Seattle Area)

I recently visited Serenity Spa in Tacoma, and it was pretty great! I have been to my fair share of spas in different cities, and enjoy it as much as the next girl (so fun). This time I believe I have found one that I would like to keep going back to. They offer a wide range of services, including acupuncture and other forms of injury management. They also have what they call, the “Serenity Shot Bar” that provides treatments that address health concerns outside the norm. They emphasize a holistic approach, and this care for the whole person can be seen throughout the visit.

I took my pregnant pal, LT, and the staff was very easy-going and accommodating of whatever we needed.  To start off, we were welcomed to an aromatherapy foot soak and tea service, while we received their auricular therapy (acupuncture centered around the ears, which correspond to other areas of the body). The foot soak was a nice touch, and I love some good tea. Delicious!

On to the treatments. I am a big fan of acupuncture, and it has done wonders for me in the past (they really address your concerns, and each individual I have been to, has had a good spirit). This was LT’s first time trying anything of this nature (and she doesn’t like needles), and she was receptive and enjoyed it. The acupuncturist had a great vibe, and LT and I both felt a bit lighter and calm after the treatment (I have some serious jaw issues, so this is hard to accomplish).

Next, we went our separate ways, and I was able to enjoy a personal steam room. Something about having your own space, and knowing it will only be you added to the experience. I jump in a steam room pretty much every chance I get, and it always feels great. Knowing that space was just for you, is a bit more relaxing than in a public setting.

When we joined back together we enjoyed their signature massages and facials. Nothing too daring this time. All about the R&R, and some good chit chat of course.

Overall, Serenity Spa embodies what I am looking for, has the right ambience, and in the end, I enjoyed myself. LT did too (spa virgin no more). To add, I didn’t see any red flags anywhere concerning the spa maintenance, and the staff was rather pleasant. Well worth the trip…I should also mention, I budgeted for this spa occasion, so I was thrilled to find out they give a military discount (thank you for your service husband!), and I saved some cash (if you utilize this, just remember to tip off the original amount as a courtesy).

Needless to say, I will be going back. Check them out if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

– Erica O.


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