Charcoal Pore Strip- Successful, or good thought?

After finding a newfound interest in charcoal-based beauty products, I thought I would give another a try. With Garnier Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, I thought yes, I love it (review below)!

…I will give a Japanese take on the pore strip a shot.

So, what did I think overall? Eh, it wasn’t what I expected. In theory, this product would be wonderful, but in practice, I didn’t see results.

After trying it the first day, I thought it might be a fluke, so I gave it a shot on the next day. Still no luck. The appearance of my pores in that area were not minimized, my nose was left itchy, and the strip appeared to pull out less than competitors’ brands.

Now, given I ordered these on Amazon for a steal, I still wouldn’t purchase again…It is important to note though that this was just one brand. It is possible that someone, somewhere has done the pore strip better, and I intend to find it.

And on a final note, I will still be interested in trying out other charcoal products in the future 🙂

– Erica O.


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