Who is Tired of Paying to Shave?

This concept may be new to some, or some might have already taken advantage. Still notable though.

I am here to tell you that options in razors are out there! And let you know what they are.

Having had to contend with limited choices for quite some time, women and men have had to pay those high prices triggered by necessity and high demand. Unfortunately, in the coordination of people’s wants and needs, companies have found certain consumer goods that a majority of people have become accustomed to (and are not willing to go without). The result is higher prices for consumers.

Thank goodness for the emergence of shave clubs. There are more than a few to be named, and my guess is, there will be more (in a related fashion) to come.

So you have…

Dollar Shave Club- Probably the most well-known, and my husband’s choice. You have three razor choices with monthly corresponding cartridges that are either $3, $6, or $9. They range in their amount of blades and step up in features starting at lubrication, then swivel capability, and finally a trimmer. Also, they have clever marketing (in comparison).

Harry’s- Which is favored by some celebrities, and at its cheapest is $3 as well. You can order kits, order refills, or choose how often you would like them to deliver the products in a shave plan. They equate how frequently you shave, to each month to be, but a razor handle is given for free (and there is some color choice).

Club ShaveMate- They have a women’s specific razor, and a men’s. The process is centered around purchasing more to reduce the price. A three month supply prices each razor at $3.67, or $32.99, while a year’s supply will reduce the price to $3.06/each, or $109.99. There is also flexibility in the handles, and they come pre-filled with shaving cream to dispense with ease. No separate cartridges here; just new razors when needed.

MyShavingClub.com- There are two women’s and two men’s packages with this service. The higher priced includes a place to store/travel case (depending on gender), as well as an additional cartridge. The lower is priced at $5.99, while the higher is at $8.49.

Ultimate Shave (or 800razors.com) – They include two men’s razors, one women’s, and an array of other shave related products. Their “Try Our Razors” page provides a new customer offer (with a limit of three), which includes a handles and four or five cartridges at $9.95. The refills come in increments of 12 or 24, and prices are $25.95 and $49.95 for men’s and women’s five blade products. The men’s three blade products are priced the same, but include 15 or 30 cartridges. The trial offer is the best deal per the five blades, but the best pricing overall is the men’s three blade with 30 cartridges. One can also place each order separately, or arrange for delivery every four months.

Shave Mob- There are three men’s choices here, as well as three women’s. They differ in the amount of blades, as well as their amount of moisturizing. The all have pivoting capability, and claim to limit clogging within the blades. Packages are purchased based on two, six, and twelve month periods, with two options per handle for cartridges with six blades. It is based on the premise that as one purchases more, they can get a better deal. As the amount of blades increases and features added (flex head or trimmer), the price go up. The lowest they go is 92 cents per cartridge (and added handle cost) in an initial package, with the same prices in their refill packages.

Notes: Most of these companies offer other products for purchase, or within their plans. They all include moisturizers on their cartridges, and several of them have introductory pricing/discount pop up on their page, free shipping, and/or a referral program. Oh yeah, and they all think they offer the best shave.

Regardless, these prices are lower than the retail prices I have been paying at the store, and shipping doesn’t require driving/traveling anywhere.

– Erica O.


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