Where is the Customer Service?

Where has the customer service gone?

I have wondered this many times in the last couple weeks, and am often baffled by the idea that people are providing less than stellar service. What happened to appeasing the customer? Living up to your brand? How about, maintaining a company’s integrity?

Lately, I have seen examples of companies not fulfilling promises, not honoring advertised deals/promotions, and employees who are bound by ridiculous corporate policies. Ohhh, the policies!

As an employee, you are a representative of that entity! You speak for them in a sense (and FYI, apologizing and placing the blame on the company does not reflect positively). If a customer has been wronged, please be available in a timely manner, and have the gumption to provide a solution or further assistance. Brand loyalty is key. Companies, keep your repeat customers 🙂

Look at it this way. Nickel and diming is nickel diming. No one enjoys it, but one can at least respect the fact that when they are wronged, the situation is at least addressed (and hopefully rectified).

From another angle, if you are a budget-oriented product/service business, at least compete with the other budget-friendly companies in the same market. If you can’t appease your customers, and you certainly aren’t offering superior service…well, where do you stand?

Personally, I enjoy a company I can get behind. One that stands for something, offers great service, is military-friendly, is committed to their brand image…or, maybe all of the above. So am I saying, “The customer should always be right?” Not quite, but there is significance to this idea proposed by Selfridge.

Let’s be clear, I am not talking about giving in to every customer, eating away at valuable resources, and affecting employee morale. Be reasonable.

I only request you:

  • Value your patrons
  • Honor your word
  • Listen well
  • Know a legitimate concern when you hear it
  • Rectify it when necessary
  • Don’t dodge your customers over the phone
  • Embody the brand and mission statement
  • Know thy company culture

All in all, this is not directed at one company. It is directed at many. I have seen this on too many occasions lately, to several parties. Never fails to amaze me.

– Erica O.


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