Some Tips for New Bikram Yoga Goers

  • Coconut water is great for hydrating before/after class
  • Bring a bottle of water into class
  • Be early to get ready
  • If you have questions or concerns call ahead. They will be able to help you, and let you know what they rent, provide, or what you need to do beforehand (paperwork)
  • Some people eat before; others don’t. Know your body and whether it will leave you nauseated or not (there are different guidelines here)
  • Wear something comfortable and be prepared for it to be soaked in sweat after class (I mean soaked)
  • Have an extra towel to wipe the sweat off your face in class- Otherwise it runs in your eyes
  • Each studio has an ambience and a bit of a culture- Find what is right for you
  • Depending on time and which instructor, some classes have higher attendance than others
  • Stand in the back row so you can watch those more seasoned in front of you
  • Push yourself, but know your body- If you have an injury, know you limitations
  • Don’t close your eyes. Keep them open
  • Only breath through your nose (except when the exercise requires a different breath)
  • Stand by the door- When the instructor opens it in the middle of class, it will feel great!
  • Treat the second portion of the class as a reward for completing the first
  • Remember, mind over matter
  • Exercises repeat- The longer duration can be challenging, but invigorating. Staying strong mentally and staying positive can go a long way
  • As with anything, it takes time to learn
  • Keep at it. You can do it
  • Be prepared to feel great afterwards!
  • If you want to keep taking classes and cost is an issue, ask if they have a work study program, are interested in swapping for something else you offer, or if they have discounts for students, military, new member, etc.

*I may have missed a thing or two. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

*Also, remember these are just my tips and opinions. I am just a Bikram student who was a part of work study at a studio.

– Erica O.


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