How to Keep Long Hair Healthy

So how does one keep long hair healthy? Well, there are a few tips I can offer. I have hair that is big, thick, curly, and down to my waist (gives you an idea of what I am working with).

So here we go…

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday- Most shampoos will strip your hair of their natural oils and will end up drying it out. Look to ingredients as well.
  • Condition instead- I often condition over washing, and use conditioner as a leave-in to tame my hair and moisturize my ends.
  • Leave the conditioner in a little longer- Whoever said you only need a couple minutes to feel the full impact hasn’t tried it. I have noticed a significant difference when my conditioner has been left in longer.
  • Pay attention to whether you have hard or soft water and how that impacts your hair- Hard will leave you with drier hair.
  • Olive oil and coconut oil will do as hair masks- If you have a product you prefer to buy, do it. Otherwise leaving in either of these products as a mask does wonders for me. You can wrap with a warm, moist towel, or if you need to go out, braid or bun hairstyles conceal it the most.
  • Trim and trim- As a person who tries to minimize damage to their hair, I still notice I need trims. I always try to go a bit longer, but once I go over the three months, I always think I should have already gone. Doing this, will minimize breakage and will help limit how high the breakage goes.
  • Supplements are an option- Whenever I ask someone with equally long hair the same questions…How long did it take, or how do you keep it so healthy?…They always say prenatal vitamins. This is up to you. Personally, whenever I take hair/skin/nails based supplements, the leave me nauseated.
  • Keep in mind the age of your hair- The hair on your scalp is much younger than the hair on your ends. Therefore, the lower down the more potential damage. I try to keep the hair on my ends really moist, but opt to put less product on my scalp (I have noticed a correlation in oil on my scalp, and oil on my face).
  • Only shampoo your scalp- Focus here. Unless you have something you really need to get out, rinsing the shampoo out will be enough to aid washing the rest of your hair.
  • If you are part of the big, curly, frizzy club- Length will help weigh down your curls (both good and bad), and extra conditioning will help tame…For frizzy, the product I have always loved the most is Kiwi Coloreflector Blow Silk! Smells good, goes a long way, tames, and give shine. I believe it has been discontinued (seems the good ones always are), but it can still be found on the net.
  • And, of course protect your hair- Account for the damage it incurs (heat, weather elements, etc.), and act accordingly. For me, I decided to embrace my curls, buy a better straightener (and minimize use), don’t blow dry, and consider the damage done in coloring.
  • Lastly, I am going to throw out some notable hair products. No compensation here. I just use them for differing reasons, or have had success with them in the past. Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray, Nexus Pro-Mend Line, Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm, Jason’s Lavender Shampoo and Lavender Curl-Defining Cream (discontinued, but some available online), Mixed Chicks (works, but a bit thick and sticky), TRESemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo (never used a towel. I just put it in my hair as needed), and an Ion OneStroke Straightener.

– Erica O.


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